Music, Social, and Gaming Make Addictive is a recently launched (in beta) web application that is attracting the social music lover. With 140,000 active users in its first month, is quickly turning heads, adding its name to the popular web music services such as Pandora, and Spotify.

The creators of are not new to the start-up game, having found and raised funds for a previous project called StickyBits. Unhappy with their progress, the social game StickyBits – where you scan barcodes to unlock rewards – recently changed their direction and switched their funding over to this new project of social radio. It is an odd and quick transition, however, the site is rapidly gaining momentum and demand. Currently is only available to users via invite, or if you have a Facebook friend already using the service. With a gaming and social aspect, it is more than just the music that is making the most addictive website on the internet right now. Is Music RoomOnce logged into the website, you are directed to choose a current music room, or create a new one. Up to five DJ’s line the stage, taking a rotation at playing music from their queue. Built upon the media library of Media Net, queue up your DJ play list from the library, or upload your own track. Literally, you can upload your own track – a great sounding board if you are an aspiring musician. When a spot opens up on the DJ table, click “play music” to join the players. Vote either “Awesome” or “Lame” on each song. At its basic level, is a crowdsourced online radio station, with those logged in DJ-ing the tracks they wish in the rooms that define them. Stay in a room all day, and use it similar to Pandora, as a radio station. Upon the DJ table are links to add the current playing song to your itunes,, Spotify, or even your own play queue. Is Social Chat WindowWith every song played, those in the room can vote it as “Lame” or as “Awesome.” The DJ has the challenge to impress the people in the room with the song selection. If a song receives too many “Lame” votes, then the song is skipped and the next DJ takes his turn.

With an embedded chat area, includes a place to discuss the track playing or any other topic with the other members in the room. For this article, I used the chat feature as a place to crowdsource suggestions on how to improve Below are some of the answers I received.

Suggestions For Improvement:

  • Better avatar choices
  • Private chats
  • A DJ waiting list, so its not a mad-dash when a DJ gives up his seat
  • If you play so many songs that receive “Lame” votes, then you are booted from the DJ table
  • Easier way to find and chat with your friends in the room
  • A profile page, displaying your songs played, and the songs you’ve voted as “Awesome”
  • Reward the crowd for participation – When you are not the DJ you should be able to utilize the gaming element
  • Ability to create a “song buying wishlist,” instead of the buy now options provided
  • A song limit per DJ to give more people a chance to play their music Is Gaming DJ Gaming PointsImpress the audience and have your song voted “Awesome” then you will receive DJ points that can then be used to select different avatars.

Become a fan of a DJ’s music selection, and the system will automatically send you an email when they are in a room DJ-ing. If you become a fan of many people, this can be annoying. Thankfully, there is a setting in which you can turn this email notification off. Is Addictive DJ QueueThere is a certain attachment that comes with music. People feel an ownership to the artists and groups they listen to and fan. There is a tendency to claim a group as your own invention, your discovery. And the next step to that ownership is the desire to share your findings with others. provides that immediacy, a quick ability to share and receive feedback.

Founder Billy Chasen promises some new features down the road.

We have a lot of exciting features on our roadmap, so expect to see new things getting rolled out over the next few weeks, wrote Chasen. Our biggest request right now are for multiple queues and tracking what you ‘Awesome’. We are already logging everything you ‘Awesome’, so you’ll see them soon.

Even with all of the desired changes, is currently addictive. If you’re the DJ, you want to impress the audience and you want to make it to your next turn to play a song. If you are in the audience, you want to learn about new music and new artists. And if you are an artist, it is a good way to advertise your music, and have feedback and the ability to have your song instantly purchased.

Use as an online radio station, use it as an online chat room, use it as way to discover new music. Either way, be ready to fall in love with it.

Source: {Beta Beat}

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  1. Try I use it with friends. `you need a Facebook account in order to signup but the site is open for everyone and no need for an invite like turntable. It let’s you create playlists with help of friends (they can add songs to your playlist).

  2. This website’s too discriminative!
    Only US people that can use it.

    1. It’s not the website that is discriminating. They wish it could be used in other countries. Just like pandora wishes, and just like spotify finally got cleared after years of trying. The issue is with the music companies and the way they allow the licensing of their music. That is the roadblock.

  3. should have a few power hour rooms where the song only plays for one minute. This way several people can be part of a power hour playlist.

    1. Thats too short for my tastes, but it would be cool if each DJ could play a limit of say one or 2 songs, then have to step down, with a waiting list of dj’s for sanity.

  4. It is truly addictive, but when its a group of friends in the room, its like the old days when you’d gather to listen to the latest music together, in this case its not new necessarily, but it could be. I love it!

  5. is addictive. Great review of the site and I agree with the suggestions for improvements.

  6. This sounds very interesting…or awesome.

  7. this sounds like a cool new product/company. How do you guys always discover this cutting edge stuff? I like the format of this article of what “ is”