New Foursquare Web Features

by on Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

Badges, specials, deals, points, comments, lists, and tips are a variety of the reasons why Foursquare is popular. The app has become more than just a checking in tool. I use Foursquare for seeing where my friends are, commenting, badges, and specials, in that order. Made primarily as a phone check-in application, Foursquare has been evolving to promote “discovery” more and more. Discovering new places, new specials, new tips via new features such as radar, and lists. With this emphasis on discovery, Foursquare will be rolling out a new web page over the next few days. This new web design, built from the ground up, is the first major change to their site since 2009.

The Map

The New Foursquare The first thing you will probably notice is the new map at the top of the page. The map will show you your friends, specials nearby, places on your lists, places trending and a few other graphical representations. Even better still, if you come to the site near lunch or dinner time, the map will display suggested eating venues. Come to the site on the weekend, and some leisure activities will be suggested. Now the Foursquare website might be the place you check before going out.

List Discovery

Lists and tips have been a tool that has recently undergone a lot of overhaul. With the goal of discovery, Foursquare wants to help you explore some of the new lists that are being created daily. List Discovery will now show lists near your area. Click on that link, you will see how cool it is! You can search for lists in your area, or you can search for lists out of town, for your weekend destinations.

Place Pages

Venues on the website have also gone through a major transition. Photos, tips and information are visually displayed in a much more visually appealing way.

Friends Check-ins

There are a few changes made in regards to viewing the check-ins of your friends. Now you can comment AND view comments on check-ins directly on the homepage. When you view your friends check-in detail screen, it will also show you their points. Pictures are also displayed bigger.

Foursquare designer Sam Brown states the goal of the new site when he says:

Gone are the days of content-in-a-blue-box and in moves the era of easier to digest content, interactivity and discovery. With easier navigation, even more photos & comments, and clearer venue details to interactive maps, venue recommendations and list discovery we hope that becomes the destination site for people looking to keep up with their friends, discover what’s nearby, save money and unlock rewards.

Foursquare promises that with this giant overhaul to their site, they will be able to make better and more changes in the future. Why do you use Foursquare, and do you like these changes?

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