Phizz Unit Origami: Torus

Phizz Unit - TorusThe Phizz unit torus happens to be one of the most stunning, yet challenging, modular origami pieces I have done yet. It has 360 total units and took me a few months to complete. Once complete though, the design itself is surprisingly rigid and is really fun to look at and hold.

There are a few reasons why it took so long to complete. First, the paper I used was old velum. While giving it a vintage look, the paper was also more fragile and a lot of pieces tore resulting in having to fold more units than necessary. Second, I had no diagram to complete this. I only had a small picture that I found while browsing the Web. I had mapped the design out in my head as well as on paper a few different times, each time realizing that my mapping was wrong. I finally figured it out after 5 different iterations. The third reason it took so long was due to frustration. Rebuilding it over and over forced me to stop and start over a bunch of times which really taxed my patience.

Even though it was the most difficult modular piece I have done yet, it still inspires me to build another one with different paper and a fun color design.

Phizz Unit Diagram

phizz unit
PDF phizz-unit.pdf

Torus Directions

Phizz torus wireframeTo complete this design, I have a few of suggestions that will help the process:

  • Use the torus diagram to the right as a map on how to build each shape and its surrounding shapes
  • The numbers in the diagram tell how many sides each shape has not how many to build
  • Build the next shape onto the one previously built
  • Keep connecting shapes until you build a ring
  • To build the other half, start replicating the wireframe on the inner edge of the first ring
  • Build shapes until it connects to the outer side, creating the first ring of the torus
  • Keep building more connecting shapes, the rest builds itself from there
  • The yellow hexagrams are the shared polygons, meaning there will be only one ring of each of these versus two
  • Be patient, it’s awesome when it’s done

Close Ups

Phizz Unit TorusPhizz Unit Torus

Phizz Unit TorusPhizz Unit Torus

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  1. Ryan Cooney

    You have a beautiful mind.

  2. Dreamfield

    What size of paper you used and how big in reality this is?
    I saw similar made from 10×10 pieces with diameter 58cm.
    I want to build such with inner diameter of at least 85 cm.. so I guess I’ll have to use heavier and bigger pieces even switch to 555 Torus if necessary.

  3. Isha Perera

    very nice post. keep writing.