Pinterest Is A Personal, Social, And Marketing Tool

Pinterest LogoPinterest is a tool for personal use, social use, and increasingly, Pinterest is a marketing tool. The internet has made life a lot of easier. Some may say, that it has made people lazier as well. Instead of creating content, the internet is becoming the place for curating content. Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest make it simple to retweet, reblog, and repin items. But it is this simplicity that adds the “social” to these platforms. The slogan for the Social Media Club is “if you get it, share it.” Much the same, the unspoken rule in social media is: if it is cool, pass it along so someone else can see it too.

The internet has been going thru a transition of long-form personal sites, to 140 character representation, to now a push button aggregation. Social curation is growing, but the curation of photographs specifically is accelerating. The micro-blogging site Tumblr has become less about blogging, and more about great pictures. Instagram has its own social photo network that focuses on connecting people through the eyes of their phone camera lens. And then there is the expanding network of Pinterest. Pinterest has acheived massive growth in a short period of time. According to data from comScore (via TechCrunch), earlier this month Pinterest became the quickest independent U.S site to achieve over 10 million unique monthly visitors. All this has been attained while still in beta mode. It’s popularity lies in its simpilcity, its beauty, and its 3 main categories of use.

Pinterest For Personal Use

Stripped down, Pinterest is a tool to gather items you like. Creating personal collections of fashion items, vacation destinations, DIY crafts, an account becomes a digital dreamboard. It is like browsing a thousand magazines at once, and being able to tear out the inspirational pages. And even still, it is searchable to find the type of item or project you are looking for. A digital form of window shopping, hours can be spent browsing, searching, and marveling at the spectacular images, and collecting them on your own categorized virtual bulletin boards. Not overly complicated, with simple functions, Pinterest is a time suck that is easy for anyone to use.

Pinterest For Social Activity

Every social network seems to have a few common variables: the ability to “like” something, the ability to comment, and the ability to share and curate. Pinterest has all three. Create conversations, repin striking images, and heart fascinating items. And while pinning perfect pictures, the social activity continues as others repin and comment on your boards. Follow interesting boards, people, and even brands.

Pinterest For Marketing

More and more, companies are discovering the marketing value of Pinterest. Matters of Grey first noticed this in December, when our DIY Star Wars Snowflakes were being pinned, bringing copious amounts of traffic to our site. Pinterest quickly became one of the top referring sources to MoG. When people see a DIY or a clothing item, or a cool R2-D2 poster, they often click on the attached link and visit the particular site. According to one study, Pinterest is driving more site traffic than LinkedIn, Google+, and YouTube combined. A traffic source that is made for stunning visuals, Pinterest is ripe for brands to display their own products in creative ways. Brands such as Sony, Better Homes & Gardens, and Nordstrom all maintain pin boards.


Pinterest has many facets. If you like crafts, beautiful photographs, or want to increase your site traffic you should be involved somehow on the site. If you want to build your social influence, you should be a participant on these social photographic sites. The taking and curation of photographs was big in 2011, and with the growing popularity of Pinterest, and our favorite, Instagram, this trend is only going to grow in 2012. Social Media Strategist Jay Baer put it succinctly for iMedia Connection when he says

I’m not certain if a picture is worth a thousand words, but it’s definitely worth 140 characters. This is the year that photos challenge writing as the lingua franca of the social web: Instagram; Pinterest; Path; Google + using large thumbnails in the news feed; face recognition technology. All trend lines point toward photography. If you’re not taking and posting pictures to dedicated photo networks and cross-posting (when appropriate) to Twitter and Facebook, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to grow your network and see the world through the eyes (or cell phone cameras) of thousands of new friends.

Make sure to follow the Matters of Grey Pinterest boards and let us know what you think. As it is currently in Beta mode, it requires an invite from a current user to join the network. If you need an invite, please let us know.

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