Sensu – An Artist's Answer To The Stylus

Sensu An Artists Answer To The StylusFor years, I’ve tried to give up my Wacom products. Being a digital and traditional artist, occasionally I can feel my creativity tethered to the Wacom brand. However, a new name is changing the game. Sensu is designed by artists for artists. The Sensu brush boasts of being truly portable for your favorite painting apps. “But it’s just another stylus,” you say? The Sensu, while having the price point of a Bamboo stylus holds some powerful technology.

…a brand new hair technology being developed for the cosmetic industry. Traditional synthetic brush hair was being infused with conductive properties to help fine powder release from make-up brushes as they came in contact with skin. This synthetic hair could be made in the diameters and tapers we required for Sensu to feel just right.

The synthetic brush hair flexes and feels like a traditional artist brush while the conductive properties lets you work in your favorite drawing or painting apps. The artist has more control and is able to do more detailed work than the typical finger painting stylized drawings. What’s more is that the chrome-plated brass Sensu looks and feels like a traditional brush. Complete with a comfort grip and an overall extended length of 7.125″ (181mm) when capped it measures 4.5″. Unlike most styluses on the market, the Sensu is balanced and weighted. From my experience, when a stylus is not weighted it leads to a horrible hand cramp as I’ve gripped too hard overcompensating for the lack of substance. Sensu weighs in at .5 ounces. It may not sound like much, but it’s about the weight of three dice. When you are finished with the brush simply, remove the handle and that becomes a protective cap. The brush is safe for travel and rubber stylus nib is exposed for general use.

What does this mean to the artist? The Sensu allows for an authentic feel and a more organic extension of your creativity. It’s not just the brush that makes the Sensu unique but the feeling you’ll get when able to finally take your creativity away from the studio is. One thing is for sure, Sensu is a game changer for all digital artists.

The Sensu is available for $39.99. Unfortunately Sensu is currently for sale in the US only.

UPDATE: They are now shipping internationally through



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  1. sooo … will it work with wacom tablets or not????
    Thank you

  2. these are so cool.

  3. Nice writeup. This looks like a great brush/stylus combo and a great price point too.

    1. Honestly I would pay more for this but am glad I don’t have to especially when I lost my Bamboo stylus about a week after purchase. Eventually we all lose our stylus the price lessens that pain.

  4. Ive kinda wanted a stylus for some of those silly drawing games. What programs does the brush side take full advantage of? What program is the painting of the dog using?

    1. The program they’re using on the dog painting is ArtRage. I use ArtRage. Brilliant app.

      The brush works with any and all apps that can use a stylus, including everyday texting. However, I would recommend playing with apps like ArtRage or Sketch Club where the velocity of your movements dictate the thick/thin qualities of the medium you use. The great thing is that you have the feeling of a brush in your hand, which makes the transition to drawing with a stylus much easier.

  5. Nice review with many reasons why I should desire this product.

    1. Patty, I’d love to see what you’d do with it. It’s an excellent way to free your creativity when you don’t have to worry about the clean up!