SOOT Electropack Adapts For The Perennially Plugged In

SOOT ElectropackThe SOOT Electropack is the convertible solution to your every baggage need. The shape-shifting chargeable bag system can supply power for your devices for up to 2 weeks off the grid and the conjoined packs easily adapt to the wearers travel needs. Keep it as one open volume large bag, or keep the components isolated in a series of attached smaller bags. This bag is perfect for people who travel, commute, or attend crazy conventions that drain device power, such as Comic-Con International and CES.

Lead Industrial Designer John Whaley explains

With the SOOT Electropack, we’ve created a truly modular experience where every piece of the system is usable, whether on its own or in combination. We’ve created a solution that allows the user to break a single-volume bag down to whatever size they need it to be while ensuring that they’re never left stranded with dead devices.

The SOOT Electropack is constructed of unconventional marine vinyl fabric, and is luggage-grade, waterproof, and fade-resistant making it a bag that can withstand nearly anything. The available colors can conform to your fashion needs, either plain or full of pizzazz (Colors: Ballistic: Limon, Mandarin, Aqua, or Carbon. Or Tidal: Cement, Aqua, Limon, or Mandarin).

You know those pants that allow you to zip off the legs and turn them into shorts? This is sorta like that, but much cooler. The SOOT Electropack is launching today on Kickstarter. Does it have the cool factor that will inspire you to become a backer?



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