The Avengers {Movie Review}

The Avengers[fourhalfstar]Ever wonder what would happen if Thor’s hammer met Captain America’s shield? Why not see it in 3D? Comic geeks everywhere lined up for the premier of The Avengers and, yes, there were costumes and props. The two hour and twenty two minute film started at midnight and I had to work in the morning.

“Is it all worth it?” I asked myself as a very jockish looking guy sat next to me and nestled his Captain America shield between the seats robbing me of my arm rest.


From the opening scene The Avengers delivered beautifully choreographed battles, intense action, and exceptionally timed and delivered dialogue. The characters were well balanced. I walked into this movie placing bets as to whether the diva Tony Stark or the goody two-shoed Steve Rogers would overrun the movie but was pleasantly surprised to find that every character got his (or her) fair share of screen time. The humor was extended beyond Tony Stark and Nick Fury’s passion could be felt all the way to the back row of the theater.

My only issue with this movie is that the 3D effects are somewhat lacking in quantity. I also felt that Black Widow should have had a bigger gun in the final fight scene where she’s standing amongst all the other Avengers but…eh. All in all there were plenty of other movie amenities to make up for it–including two teaser scenes in the credits and (of course) a cameo by Stan Lee.

The sleep deprivation was rough but would I do it again? Hell yes! This movie was masterfully done and leaves even The X-Men franchise in the dust.

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