The MoG Badge Call Center Is Now Open

Matters of Grey will open a call center today to assist Foursqaure fans with their badge hunting. As Foursquare became more popular, so has the need to know where and how to attain a badge. We have our extensive badge list and we now have our brand new forum, but some questions and some badge hunts need more specific help. That is what we are here for.

Foursquare fans understand that timing is crucial on many badges. There are many near misses.

  • Go to a gym only 9 times in a month = no Gym Rat badge.
  • Make only 3 stops in one night = no Crunked badge.
  • Checkin with two members of the opposite sex = no Player Please badge.

Because timing and elements are so critical to attaining a badge, sometimes there isn’t time to scan a complete badge list, or to search the forums. Matters of Grey has come up with the timely solution. As of today, our call center is here to meet your needs.

The call center will use an American number as well as international number. We are committed to you when you need a badge, such as the Bender or School Night. Therefore, the call center is now open, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Wondering if you’re near a Louis Vuitton store to get the LV Insider badge? Need the Super Duper Swarm badge and need a location with enough checkins? Call our number today to speak to one of our representatives. Phone charges apply.

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  1. I gave checked in about 106 times but have not received the century badge yet. Any suggestions on how to obtain this badge?

    1. You may want to utilize our great users on the forum for discussion. Our forum can be found at

      It is also my understanding, that homes, and offices do not count towards the 100 checkins, and its 100 on 100 different days (ie. if you check in twice in one day to the same location, it only counts one of these checkins)

  2. Virginia Gordon

    Yours was the funniest, and smartest April Fools joke – love it x
    I give you a 4 out of 2 for this effort

  3. Cheese balls sound nice.

  4. Hilarious video. Happy April Fools guys!

  5. Hahahaha nice one MoG 🙂 happy april fool’s day! 😀