The Wallet TrackR: Track Your Valuables With The iPhone

by on Thursday, November 29th, 2012

About a year ago I woke up, grabbed my iPhone and checked my bank balance like I do every morning. Only on that particular morning I found my bank account quickly being drained and credit cards being maxed out. The problem: the night before, my wallet slipped out of my purse and sat on the front seat of my car for an opportunistic thief. This would not have happened if I had Wallet TrackR.

The Wallet TrackR is a new way to make sure your valuable items stay where they belong, near you. Created by Phone Halo — the same team that launched Cobra Tag at the 2011 International Consumer Electronic Choice Show (CES). The Cobra Tag received the Popular Mechanics Editor’s Choice Award and was noted as one of the most innovative new products at CES. With numerous awards under the Phone Halo belt, the Wallet TrackR is their latest product to push the boundaries of smart phone and physical interactive technology.

Chris Herbert, CEO of Phone Halo explained the idea behind the Wallet TrackR, “We’ve lost a lot of wallets ourselves and we’re extremely excited about the ability to have our phones keep track of our wallets for us. We believe that soon our phones will keep track of all our valuable items.”

“It’s about as thick as two credit cards, which means it is the thinnest Bluetooth device,” Chris continued, “The great thing is that you can program the sensitivity to a distance of 100ft.”

If you have an iPhone or iPad I’m sure you’ve used the find my phone feature. The Wallet TrackR is similar but different in oh so many good ways. It really is a proximity tracker. You can place it in your wallet (as you’d guess) or in anything that you want to keep close to you, laptop bags, luggage, even a purse. The Wallet TrackR will beep and send your phone a reminder when your iPhone starts to get too far from the unit. Don’t fret, even if you do get temporarily separated from your item, the Wallet TrackR app will take a GPS snapshot of the last known location, save it to your iPhone and sync it to the website. However, it is not equipped with a continuous GPS locator; it will only give you the location where your phone lost connectivity to your iOS device.

While the physical device, the TrackR is a significant step forward in Bluetooth technology with a 3.8mm thin shell — the thinnest Bluetooth device on the market — and an average battery life of over 12 months, the accompanying app is just as impressive. The app uses a hot and cold system to help you locate your item or with a simple click you can make your Wallet TrackR device beep allowing for an easy way to locate your wallet or purse in the mad dash of your routine. However, what I really enjoy about the Wallet TrackR app is that with a simple swipe you can change devices within the app. You can track multiple items with separate TrackR devices and still manage them all within the same application.

Unfortunately, for now the Wallet TrackR is only available for use with on iOS devices such as the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, new iPad, iPad mini, and the new iPod touch. But fear not, once Android devices support Bluetooth Low Energy an Android release will soon follow.

With less than two weeks left to reserve for their initial production run you can find early adopter packages for any budget. Most of the packages are close to being sold out but you can still get your hands on the Wallet TrackR by itself or with designer wallets custom made for the Wallet TrackR by Franc Fernandez. For those MoG readers that are not on the fashion bandwagon, Franc Fernandez is a talented designer who is most notable for his ‘Meat Dress.’ He’s worked with Lady Gaga, Scissor Sisters, Maison Martin Margiela and many others. Early adopter packages for the Wallet TrackR start at $19 and run up to $140 with a delivery date of April 30, 2013.