Things to Know Before Your Job Interview {Infograph}

Job InterviewFor some of us, job interviews happen to be one of the most dreaded experiences in our professional lives. Mostly because we have no idea what to expect, or simply don’t realize that we are displaying red flags to the potential employer. For instance number 6 in the top ten mistakes made at a job interview, is not doing enough research about the potential employer. Surprisingly, according to the 2000 employers surveyed, 47% of people make this mistake. Spending a little time researching the employer before the interview assists you in beating out roughly half of your competition.

Do you have any great ideas for excelling in a job interview? Share them with us in the comments.

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  1. ha! I “winged” it for my interview and they still loved me.

  2. I admit, I’ve winged my fair share of job interviews but have nailed other sections this talks about. I think if you don’t get the job, you weren’t meant for it. If you worry too much about getting and hitting all the marks it wont let you have breathing room for your talent or personality to shine.

    Still, great infographic!