Thinking Outside The Bottle

Soda makers have made slight adaptions to their packaging over the years, and in 2001 Coca-Cola introduced what they called “the greatest innovation in packaging since the contoured bottle.” The fridge pack led to a phenomenal sales increase, and is now the packaging used on most soda cans.

The soda bottle is the next in line for this type of permutation.  Soda companies have been using plastic bottles since the early 1970’s.  It is time to modernize.

Andrew Kim (@designfabulous), an 18 year old college freshman recently came up with an ingenious design that could radically influence the soda industry.  He has created an environmentally friendly bottle that is sleek, sexy, and unique.  A stackable design creates a smaller footprint which enables efficiency when shipping or storing.

It is time to think outside the bottle of traditional thought, and Mr. Kim has done that tremendously.  This bottle design is unparalleled.  A soda company switching to this design would create an industry buzz so loud, their brand would forever be associated with progress.

Lauren Steele, vice president of corporate affairs for Coca-Cola, spoke about the fridge pack in 2001, but could easily have been touting Mr. Kim’s design, “Our customers have embraced it.  It’s a simple but brilliant idea.”


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  1. I’d like to see a water bottle (Dasani is their brand) made like this.

  2. Designer Andrew Kim will be intereviewed today, at 2 PM ET, on CNN’s Project Innovation.

  3. Nice article… Very informative and a really cool idea. Too bad it’s not for Pepsi.