Twitter Analytics Available

In the last week, Twitter silently made analytics available natively in accounts. The basic reporting tools are somewhat hidden, a bit basic, and frankly a far cry from anything substantial. However, a curious user or brand may find a little bit of benefit in reviewing this data. Here is how you find it:

Step 1

Go to your menu, and select “Twitter Ads.”

Twitter Analytics Menu

Step 2

Sign in with your Twitter credentials. You do not need to have a separate Ads account.

Twitter Ads Sign In

Step 3

Under the menu item Analytics, select Timeline Activity.

Twitter Analytics Options

Step 4

You will now see a month worth of data of top tweets, replies, and favorites.

Twitter Analytics Timeline

Twitter Analytics Top Tweets

Step 5

Click on Followers under Analytics (see image #3 above), and you will see a breakdown of your followers interests, gender, and location.

Twitter Analytics Followers


Twitter has finally made a step in the right direction with reporting tools, but there is still a long way to go.

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