Twitter Unleashes User Galleries

Twitter BirdTwitter’s new feature called User Galleries will display the last 100 images a user has included in their tweets. The User Gallery will include images that come from the new Twitter “add image” feature or from third-party solutions: yFrog, TwitPic, Instagram, and other image sharing services that are supported with the Twitter details pane.

Finding that cute picture you took of your nephew at the baseball game or wondering if you sent any drunken pictures from last night’s party is now a lot easier. Rather than searching endlessly through your stream of tweets, click on your Profile, and click “View All” next to your recent images. The User Gallery can then be viewed either by Grid View, or Detail View.

This is a great new feature that will save a lot of time. However, with any advancement, there are typically a few negatives. In this case, it will only show your most recent 100 pictures. Also, it will not display images that were tweeted before January 1, 2010. Moreover, it will not display any videos that have been tweeted. If you manually retweet a tweet that includes an image, that image will display in your gallery. However, if you use the newer method of Retweeting (where you do not add any of your own commentary), that image will not show up in your gallery.

It is a cool new feature that Twitter has begun rolling out today and should be available to all profiles in the near future.

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  1. That is fantastic. It’s been so strange that the mobile apps have been more functional than the website and I’m glad that the website is finally making some strides in the right direction.