Typography Tuesday #4

Typography Tuesday #4Typography is an artistic expression that excites us here at Matters of Grey. Every month we try to highlight unique typefaces with our monthly desktop wallpaper designs. We love seeing distinct displays of typography, and our Instagram account occasionally portrays type in everyday life.

As font fanatics, we want to bring attention to good designs and good artists. Typography Tuesday is yet another method to share fonts with our followers. Today we are featuring the fonts Chanticleer Roman, Solgas, Bright Young Things, Diamante, and QumpellkaNo12. Although these are free fonts, it is important to read their license agreements as they can change from time to time.

Chanticleer Roman Typography Tuesday

Created by Nick’s Fonts

Solgas Typography Tuesday

Created by Wino S Kadir

Bright Young Things Typography Tuesday

Created by Hugo Beyts

Diamante Typography Tuesday

Created by Fresko Design

QumpellkaNo12 Typography Tuesday

Created by Gluk

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  1. How fun! What does True Type mean in reference to fonts?

    1. True Type is a digital font technology that was originally created by Apple. It is now used by both Apple and Microsoft systems.