Typography Wallpapers December 2014

featureddecember2014Wallpapers are a great way to show one’s personality, whether it’s at work or home, your iPhone or iPad and even your Android device. A clean, organized workspace includes a clean and in some cases, inspiring wallpaper. I’m also a big fan of typography. Almost any font used the right way can become a work of art.

If you would like to submit your own designs for next month, simply drop a comment and we’ll get in touch!

Matters of Star Wars A New Hope

By: Andy Morales

Matters of Star Wars A New Hope -1280x1024.jpg

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Font: Star Jedi

For Goodness Sake

By: Andy Morales

For Goodness Sake-1280x1024.jpg

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Font: Woodcutter Points

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  1. debbie

    well I go with Santa, Jedi Warriors do not warm the cockles of my heart.