Web Resizer {iPad App Review}

by on Thursday, January 31st, 2013

webresizer[fivestar]Cost: $1.99
Version tested: 2.0.0
By: reallyseth.com LLC.

Responsive Web Design is one of the most important ideas to hit the web design community. There are many ways that designers test their sites’ responsive ability, from manually dragging the edge of a browser to resize it to employing various browser add-ons and extensions. Though, what if you’re not on a laptop or desktop and you’re working on an iPad?


{via Tiago Franco (@Alarka)}

Seth Hein has created an iPad app for web designers who focus on responsive site building. Web Resizer, available in the iTunes store {$1.99}, is an iPad app that allows the user to dynamically adjust the width of a browser using either a slider or by manually entering a width.


  • Supports widths from 320px to 1024px
  • Dynamically resize the window by moving a slider
  • Jump to a specific size by typing it in
  • AirPlay support. Display your responsive sites up on a big screen. Great for demoing your site.
  • Login to secure sites
  • Simple design
  • A little bit of awesome


Overall, this app does exactly what a responsive web designer wants — the ability to test a site by a simple drag of a finger. It’s clean and simple and yes, a little bit of awesome.