When Will You Lose Your Data?

Best Backup Recovery ToolImagine one day you turn on your computer to find out that your computer decided to erase everything and stop working. Your first thought: “I had all of our family photos on there! Years and years of smiles are now gone.” You suddenly panic and throw questions at the closest person who knows more about computers than you do to only be met with a few common options (1) take it to the Geek Squad, (2) frantically research Google and be inundated with backup recovery tools, (3) or if a mac, take it into the Apple store. Ugh, so complicated and time consuming!

Enter Backblaze. A cloud computer backup tool that secretly backups ALL of your computers data without you having to do anything but install their application. Oh, and pay only $5.00 per month! Yev Pusin, Social Media Manager for Backblaze explains that:

It’s not a matter of will I ever lose my data. It’s when will I lose my data.

Why Backblaze?

You may be asking, “MoG, why should I care?” If the first scenario wasn’t enough to really get you thinking about the “what ifs?” then take a moment to think about some other valuables you have on your computer. Maybe you have a large collection of music. Maybe you are a researcher and have written countless papers that you never want to lose. Maybe you are an artist and you are usually good about saving things to Dropbox but sometimes work locally and forget. These are all common situations that you don’t want to run into when it is too late.

I met Yev at a Consumer Electronics Show (CES) after-party a few weeks ago and I wasn’t so much fascinated with the business. Let’s face it, there are hundreds of backup tools. I was more fascinated with Yev himself, and the disruptive business model of Backblaze. You get UNLIMITED DATA for as low as $3.96/month. Yes, you heard me. Unlimited. And the reason they did this wasn’t because they are going after enterprise clients or individuals with mountains of data, it was simply to make it easier on us.

Contest & Free Trial Codes

Since we are in good with Yev, he has managed to get 5 free 3-month trials specifically for MoG users. Take 1-minute and tell us in the comments below why you should get a free code.

{Free trials only work for new Backblaze users.}

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  1. Did you ever get an answer to the USB-drive qusotien regarding the assumed unencrypted files? I just paid for my subscription and it would be nice to know.Personally, I think it’s a bit weird that we’re not given the actual private key file but I guess that’s okay given that they cannot decrypt any files without the password that protects the key file.Carbonite, for example, gives the user the full openssh key while Backblaze just silently dumps a public-key file in the installation directory.