Yahoo! Fantasy Football ’10: Android App Review

Yahoo! Fantasy Football

Cost: Free {Android Market}

Version tested: 1.0
By: Yahoo! Inc.

It’s that time of year again. Football season!

Earlier this week, Yahoo! released the Android-based version of their popular Fantasy Football service to the market for free.

The Good

  • Official app from Yahoo!
  • Easy-to-navigate design
  • Ability to add or drop players
  • Ability to read player notes (injuries, breakout stats, etc)
  • Realtime stats and matchup scores
  • Minimal in-app ads

The Bad

  • Inability to propose trades
  • No integration with message boards

The Ugly

  • None as far as I could see — unless you count my drafted team…


Login ScreenLeague ScreenTeam ViewLeague StandingsLeague Matchup ScreenWeekly MatchupPlayer SearchEdit Lineup


Android Market QR Code
Android Market QR Code

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