Zuvo Is Making Water Smarter

Stratus by ZuvoYour home tap water is untrustworthy and laden with chemicals. Water in general is bland and boring. As a culture we have ignored tap water and have turned to heavily rely on plastic bottled water. Neither option is geeky, smart, nor beautiful. All that is changing. Stratus by Zuvo is here to sexify your water experience.

Stratus is the world’s first cloud-connected water filtration and faucet ecosystem that leverages smart phone technology and the largest database of water quality information in the world. Utilizing WiFi, the Stratus system communicates with your smart phone about the contaminants in your local water, filter recommendations specific to these chemicals, and the remaining life of your filter. Stratus eliminates the guess work of when to change your filter and provides smart easy-to-use information directly to your phone.

By putting your water back in the cloud, Stratus by Zuvo is joining the quickly growing home automation space. Products and apps are popping up daily that turn off your lights and stoves, lock doors and provide home safety via your smart phone. It is the next frontier of making daily life smarter and simpler. But there is also an eco-consciousness to the Zuvo system that makes it stand out from the other home products. CEO Andy Bulter explains that

if you trust your tap, you’ll drink more water, save money, and you’ll help eliminate destructive water bottles from polluting the environment.

There is value in this product for everyone! Consumers spend so much on organic food and fitness why not treat their water the same way they treat what they eat? With the Stratus system you know what you are drinking and can adjust accordingly to help minimize exposure to harmful level of chemicals. The city water municipalities benefit from knowing more data about the water quality from the consumer tap, something they currently can’t measure cost effectively. And there is value for the state governments in that they can recognize data patterns to understand (at the tap) water quality at a regional level.

Stratus by Zuvo is not bland or boring but is geeky, smart, and beautiful. Stratus is currently being crowdfunded through Indiegogo and is more than halfway to their goal.

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  1. This is so cool to see. I have a Zuvo in my kitchen now and I love it- can’t wait until I can start using the bluetooth filters!