Metroid: Other M: Wii Game Preview

Scheduled Release Date: August 31, 2010

Metroid: Other M is the latest installment from Nintendo in the highly acclaimed Metroid franchise. Samus Aran reprises her role as the heroine space bounty hunter, tasked yet again to explore another foreign land filled with mangy critters and fearsome beasts alike. While the premise to this game appears to remain simple, it sounds like there will still be a fair share of storyline to trudge you along the way.

If you’re familiar with the Metroid franchise, you’ll be happy to hear that the main structure of the game should stay true to its roots: explore large areas, destroy anything in your way, obtain power ups, explore larger areas, obtain more powerful power ups, continue destroying everything in your way and eventually kill the Metroids and the Mother Brain.


So if the story is the same and the structure of the game is the same, well then why would you possibly want to play this all over again?  For gamers like me, the reason is multi-fold.  Some people play it for nostalgia: the music, the sounds, the character and her beautiful suit.  Some gamers play the for the ambiance: the atmosphere, the eerie feelings and chills down your spine you get when exploring a new area while others play for the simple joy of becoming a stronger, more powerful threat to your enemies (as a woman, no less!).

Mother Brain, as voiced like someone’s actual mother


As for me, while I will be playing the game for all of the above reasons, I will also be playing for another big one: the gameplay.  The Metroid franchise, through all its iterations has gone through only two types of gameplay mechanics.  Starting with the original Metroid on the good old NES and the timeless, Super Metroid on the Super NES all the way up to Metroid: Zero Mission on the Gameboy Advance, many games in the Metroid franchise featured a side-scrolling, 2-dimensional action game.  It wasn’t until Metroid Prime was released in 2002 on the Gamecube that the Metroid series took a shot at the third dimension in the FPS genre.  This was a great change of pace for the series as it provided developers and gamers alike to explore the world in a completely different way while utilizing similar elements from their 2D cousins.

Other M

2010 is the year where Metroid: Other M takes gamers yet again into new and unexplored territories.  Other M introduces a chimera of gameplay mechanics never before seen in the series.  The game is normally played at a third person perspective while holding the Wii Remote horizontally.  Most players will recognize this as a common 2D side scroller, but Samus is no longer limited to a 2D plane.  This allows Samus to explore the 3D world in a 3D space.  This is entirely new ground for the franchise, but the final piece to the new gameplay is that pointing the Wii Remote directly at the screen will change the game from a third-person view to a first-person view (à la the Metroid Prime series) where Samus can lock onto targets from her perspective.  Combine these three elements into the existing story and structure, and you have one very compelling new game!

Metroid: Other M has already won “Best Wii Game” and “Action/Adventure Game” awards from GameTrailers and is being touted as one of the best Wii games of 2010. As a witness to how it was looking at Comic-Con, I can practically guarantee that Nintendo has another big winner on their hands!

Dell is currently taking pre-orders for a reduced price of $34.99! I’ve already got my reservation!

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